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God is Here and Everywhere

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Our Ministries

Pastor`s Word

We believe it's important to have a new members class at every church. These classes are supposed to be designed to give you a greater understanding of the principles, scriptural and spiritual guidelines that a community follows. The lessons are being outlined progressively in order to help with your knowledge of our church, as well as an overall knowledge of who is The God, what He teaches us and how you can praise His Name and Word

For what shall it profit a man, if he gains the whole world, and suffer the loss of his soul?
stephen Grace

See What God Can Do

There is More

For those who need God`s help, we are happy to see you at our group meetings. Find a new purpose in life, start a new path by taking His Word and transforming it into the light that will lead you through the darkest times. Join our community for more information and become a member to share your experience with others. You may feel weak today, but God calls you strong. Call on the Lord at the moment of distress. Our church is open for you

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    The Word Was God

    Why People Come

    Natalie Butler


    I worship at HMOG because it’s a loving, Spirit filled, family oriented, anointed church home away from home.

    Natalie Butler

    Felecia “Tisa” Swinson


    The reason why HMOG is where I worship is because we are a family that pray together, Stay Together, hold each other up, hold each other accountable. We have an awesome pastor and first lady and this is my family. My Bishop preaches the word, lives the word, and I love you guys!

    Felecia “Tisa” Swinson

    Patrice Porter

    Minister, Musician

    Bishop Victor Patterson taught me more in 3 years about God’s grace than I learned in 25 years of Sunday School and church elsewhere. He has continued to provide enlightenment and guidance through the 34 years we have been attending HMOG, so that I am not only a learner and liver but a confident teacher of the Word of God! Thank you Bishop!

    Patrice Porter

    Directions & contacts

    Hallelujah Church280 Grace Ave, New York, NY 14023

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